Logistics & Warehousing


Our logistic services include:

  • General Warehousing.
  • Bonded Warehousing.
  • Order Picking.
  • Order Packing.
  • Inspection.
  • Palletization, Re-labelling & repackaging.
  • Shrink & stretch wrapping.
  • Inventory management & stock control.
  • Management of external warehouses.
  • Distribution.
  • EDI and Web links.

Intraco has the most modern technology with warehouse management systems and Radio Frequency installed in all our warehouses.

All storage is supported by the RDFL Warehouse Management System, which provides for full storage, order picking, re-work and container loading/unloading activities. All warehouse operations are visible in a real-time basis while allowing our customers access to their information at all times via a powerful web portal. You have complete access to your data in real-time, including your inventory, movements, sales, shipments, signed paperwork, etc.